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We’ve got your back, sack and crack.

"I've always found it challenging tackling the bush down under."

"My partner has often remarked that my intimate bits resemble an Orangutan."

"I'm afraid of grooming due to snags, nicks and cuts."

"Waxing hurts, and it can be a little embarrassing."

Meet the Nateskin Trimmer.

This trimmer allows anyone to be a smooth operator at grooming!

Its ceramic blades feature NateSafe™ sensitive technology that prevents any scrapes to your sack while trimming.

At 6,000 cutting strokes per minute, it makes light work of the thickest of bushes.

Plus, it’s waterproof so it can be used in the shower. Talk about an easy cleanup after “cleaning up”!

100% Waterproof

Fully waterproof and ergonomic, it’ll make a better shower companion than your rubber ducky.

NateSafe™ Technology

Our advanced NateSafe Technology is designed to groom sensitive areas gently but effectively.

Precision Engineered Blades

Our ceramic engineered blades with micro cutting teeth ensure a close shave with no risk.

Powerful Motor

6,000 cutting strokes per minute mow even the thickest of lawns.

Our Promise

We know the going gets rough sometimes, but we can make sure your nuts are always smooth.

Never Nick Your Nuts Guarantee

Your precious pair are in good hands. If you experience any nicks or cuts, please reach out to us and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Ready To Shave With Confidence?

No more feeling like an unkempt Orangutan. Take the first step to becoming a brand new man today.