About Us

We want to empower.

We understand it’s tough to talk about self-grooming - so we’ll be your voice. We create products that make self-grooming simple, sustainable and sexless.

Our mission.

We proudly uphold a high level of commitment and care when designing our products.

We aspire to be the leading brand in self-grooming solutions, providing a voice to those who feel too ashamed or awkward. Body hair, smelly pits and more - we’re always striving to create new products that allow our customers to live more confident lives.

Okay Cool, but

Who's "Nate"?

If you were to look up Nates in the dictionary, it actually means buttocks!

Since our first product is a hair trimmer for your back, sack, and crack, Nateskin had the best blend of catchiness and subtle wittiness in its name.

Everyone deserves the best solution to their problems.

No one should ever feel ashamed of taking care of themselves.