Shaving Your Pubic Hair: 10 Reasons Why You Should

Shaving Your Pubic Hair: 10 Reasons Why You Should

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No one, I repeat, NO ONE is too good for manscaping and I would argue it’s a must, for a great number of reasons. Don’t worry, we will get to them later on.

When it comes right down to it, shaving your balls is not only greatly appreciated by your partner, it will also make you feel a lot more confident.

If you want to learn how to manscape downstairs, you can find a complete guide on our site. But today, we want to focus on motivating you to get a men’s trimmer and finally facing your pubic here.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should shave your pubic hair and why you should make good ol’ grooming a priority!

10 Reasons to Shave Your Balls Like, Yesterday

1. You Will Feel Fresh and Clean

The pubic area can get hot and sweaty throughout the day, especially if you lead a busy, active life. Especially if the weather is hot as balls.

If you couple that with a bushy down under, you will be opening the door for bacteria, and trust me, they will hold on to your pubic hair for dear life.

That’s why shaving or at least trimming your pubic area will help you feel fresh and clean for longer while keeping infections at bay.

2. It Will Make It Look Bigger

Ah, perspective! How it changes when you shave your pubes. When you neglect your grooming, the unkempt pubic hair will hide a large chunk of your penis, making it appear smaller than it is.

Sticking to a reasonable grooming routine starring your favourite men’s trimmer will make your penis look bigger when it’s time to party.

Plus, it will hog all the attention because your partner won’t be distracted thinking “Oh dear, should I have brought a machete to get through this jungle?”

3. A Clean Penis Is a Healthy Penis

Grooming your pubic area will keep your crotch clean, which means it will also keep your penis healthy. Remember that bacteria will stick around as long as they have pubic hair to hold onto.

Your partner knows this, so when you present them with a shaved D & B, you will make a good impression. Plus, shaving your balls will help you keep an eye out for unwanted rashes or warts.

4. It Will Be More Seductive

Let’s face it, not many people have a pubic hair kink. Most enjoy a well-trimmed or fully groomed partner, otherwise, they get a bit turned off and they’re not as enthusiastic to go in and give it their all.

By sticking to a good grooming routine, you will make your penis a lot more seductive and inviting to your partner. Honestly, it’s a win/win for everyone involved.

5. Your Sensitivity Will Go Up a Notch

Did you know that a groomed penis and balls will make your sensitivity go up a notch? It truly makes a difference in your sexual experience and that’s reason enough to get a trusty shaver and make a habit out of grooming.

The skin around your crotch is sensitive to the touch, so if you keep your pubic hair out of the way, your partner will have more access to it. You will also be able to feel more of their touch, thus making the experience a lot more intense and vibrant.

Don’t believe me? Make the comparison and thank me later. Or not, that would be weird.

6. It Will Give Your Confidence a Boost

This is one of the big reasons why grooming has become so popular. Men do feel better when they groom their penis and balls. Why? Because it makes the package looks bigger and it makes you feel like a million bucks.

Self-confidence is extremely important, especially when you’re in the dating world because it makes you more attractive. Plus, it inspires you to take action and that only leads to a good time.

7. Shaving Is Not Difficult

Though shaving often gets a bad rap because it’s a delicate process that takes time, patience, and technique, it’s actually not difficult at all.

Once you know what to do, get a nice men’s trimmer, and perfect your technique, you will be able to do it with your eyes clothes and get nice results every time. No more scratches and cuts.

8. It’s a Nice Ritual to Have

A good grooming routine that includes shaving is a nice ritual to have. It makes you feel cleaner and fresher by the end of it, not to mention you’re giving yourself some much-needed love.

Self-care is nothing to scoff at. Taking care of your skin, hair, nails, and balls will make you feel amazing and it will definitely show in your attitude and self-confidence.

9. You Will Feel More Comfortable in Your Underwear

One of the main reasons men shave their pubes is because it makes a huge difference in how they feel in their underwear. They feel a lot more comfortable without pubes in the way.Plus, you will sweat a lot less and the area will feel fresh for longer, which means you will feel good for longer.

10. Everyone’s Doing It

We all know that if everyone would jump off a bridge, we shouldn’t follow suit. However, grooming is a bridge you do want to jump off of because it will make a positive difference in your life.It will make you feel more comfortable, cleaner, will keep your crotch healthier, and it just makes your balls feel a lot nicer.

Final Words

Now that you know exactly why you should shave, it’s important that you get the right tools for the task. One of the best tools for manscaping is a men’s trimmer, and our Nateskin Trimmer is one of the best in the market.

It features ceramic blades and extra sensitive technology that will prevent nicks and cuts, not to mention it will make the entire process easier than ever.

Learn more about it in our shop and consider giving it a try!

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