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Nateskin Natural Deodorant

With a new ergonomic body, 7000rpm motor, and larger battery, the Nateskin Trimmer 2.0 is poised to be our best body groomer. Ultra-Quiet Technology and an LED Spotlight allow you to shave even more discretely than before, in the darkest of toilets.

It sustains a whopping 150 minutes of use, so you can go for rounds. The Tri-Level Power Indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge in its foldable Type-C Fast Charging Dock.

No Bs are too bushy, no Vs too voluminous - the Nateskin Trimmer 2.0 cuts through your hair like butter.

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Why people love Nateskin

It Saves Time

Shaving with a traditional razor: 15-30 minutes.

Shaving with the Nateskin Trimmer: 3-5 minutes.

Our 6000rpm motors allow you to manscape with precision, speed and comfort.

It Saves Money

No more expensive monthly waxing appointment.

The Nateskin Trimmer uses replaceable blade modules that last months, ensuring your balls get the best bang for their buck.

No More Embarrassing Encounters

With Nateskin, you’ll never receive awkward glances from your partner when your boxers hit the floor.

Gone are the days they’ll have to peer through the jungle just to look into your eyes.

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Nateskin Natural Deodorant
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